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Poster: midnightcarousel Date: Mar 31, 2014 11:58am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Resources for reformed Heads. (Non-Dead)

I'd be significantly more tolerant of his (IMO) absurd belief system if he kept it to himself on this forum, but since he hasn't, I feel less inclined to be polite. I'm not offended by the fact that he believes something nonsensical to me, I'm offended by his unabashed attempts to attract attention to it on a forum about music.

"There is room in the world, and in this forum, for all types of people to coexist." Yep, agreed. I couldn't be more respectful and tolerant of individuals as people. I don't feel the need to proselytize my non-belief in places where people are convening to discuss other things; if all he had done was mention that he was religious I wouldn't have bothered him about it. It was the nature of the post that inspired me to give my own opinion of his views.

Perhaps moron is the wrong word, though; after all, there are plenty of people smarter than myself who believe in God. I think the belief (or, at least, the *certainty*) is moronic even if the person is not.

Edit: To answer your first question, I would certainly have been less offended/annoyed if he hadn't implied his superiority over me by using the word "reformed," although I still would have moaned about his hijacking a Grateful Dead forum to spread his crap.

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